German “Boil” in the Instant Pot

Since the potatoes, green beans and smoked sausage were so fantastic in my magic pot, I thought maybe I’d try a German-style one-pot meal next.  This one is super simple! I had company stop by for dinner so I might have forgotten to take pictures!  Newbie mistake!

    1. My intention was to dig up some new potatoes for this supper.  That didn’t happen….so….I used what I had in the cupboard which was several small white potatoes and a few russets cut into similar sized chunks.
    2. I cut up a package of kielbasa into chunks
    3. I put the potatoes, sausage and a jar of sauerkraut into the pot with about a cup of water.
    4. I set the Instant Pot to 4 minutes high pressure.
    5. When the pressure cycle was done, I did a quick pressure release and then opened it and served.  That’s it and that’s all!  No heated kitchen, only 1 dirty pan.  About 15 minutes total time.wp-1470315900047.jpg

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