Whole Roasted Chicken and Mashed Potatoes in Instant Pot

This was another had-to-try after browsing The Facebook Instant Pot Community.  I love roast chicken but it is just too stinking hot to have the oven on that long.  This is yet another simple one.  Tastefully Simple…get it?

  1. I removed the parts from the body cavity of a 6 pound chicken.  (Parts will go to my Dachshund pack!)wp-1470320216527.jpgwp-1470320216530.jpg
  2. I coated the whole chicken with Tastefully Simple Roasted Garlic Infused Oil and then shook on Tastefully Simple Rustic Herb Seasoningwp-1470315900694.jpg
  3. I dumped a bottle of beer in the bottom.wp-1470320284051.jpg
  4. I put the chicken on the trivet in the pan.wp-1470315900760.jpg
  5. I set the Instant Pot to 38 minutes.  (This is based on the 6 minutes per pound plus 2 minutes formula.)wp-1470315900825.jpg
  6. When the pressure cycle was done, I allowed the pressure to naturally release.  I cooked the chicken in the afternoon while I was working, so I didn’t monitor how long the natural release took.  I would guess it was around 15 minutes.  The magic pot just switches to “Keep Warm” mode when the pressure cycle ends to I just left it until it was convenient for me to get it out.  Another wonderful feature of this appliance is the ability to walk away from it and let it do the work!
  7. I wanted a brown skin, so I turned the oven on to 400 and put it in the oven while I peeled and chunked 5 russet potatoes.wp-1470315901465.jpg
  8. I poured the broth from the chicken/beer into a container and put 1 cup of it back into the pot.  I added the chunked potatoes and set the pot to 4 minutes on high pressure.  It didn’t take long to come to pressure since everything was already hot.
  9. As soon as the pressure cycle was done, I did a quick pressure release and opened the lid.  I beat in a cup of milk and 3 tablespoons of butter.  I got the chicken out of the oven and it was all ready.  Chicken was incredibly juicy and tender.  Mashed potatoes had an awesome texture and taste.  I was a little worried the beer would flavor the potatoes but they were perfect!  wp-1470320361736.jpg20160803_182540
  10. I served the chicken and mashed potatoes with tomatoes from the garden and cucumber and onion salad from the garden.  YUMMY!wp-1470315901870.jpg


Roasted Whole Chicken and Mashed Potatoes in Instant Pot

1  Whole chicken–parts removed from body cavity
1  Tbl of Tastefully Simple Roasted Garlic Infused Oil
1 Tbl of Tastefully Simple Rustic Herb Seasoning
1 bottle of beer
4-5 russet potatoes cubed
1 cup of milk (or less-to taste)
3 Tbl butter

Coat chicken with oil and rub with Rustic Herb Seasoning.  Place on trivet in bottom of liner of Instant Pot.  Calculate cook time by multiplying pounds of chicken times 6 and add two minutes.  (For example, 6 lb x 6 min+ 2 min = 38 min.)   Seal lid and set on Manual, high pressure for minutes in calculation.  Leave it to cook and naturally release pressure.  When natural release cycle is done, remove chicken and all but 1 cup of broth.  You can place chicken in a 400 degree oven to crisp skin if desired or just cover with foil.  Place cubed potatoes into broth in the pot and set on Manual, high pressure for 4 minutes.  When pressure cycle is complete, do a quick release of pressure, open lid and beat in milk and butter.


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