Carol’s Salisbury Steaks in the Instant Pot

So, last night, I gave the hard-working magic pot the night off and made my favorite summer main dish–BLTs!   This also gives me a day to catch up with blogging.  The night before I made Salisbury Steaks and wanted to share that with you.  When I was looking for a recipe for this, I found all kinds of variations.  Some had tomatoes and some did not.  Some were made with hamburger.  When I think Salisbury Steaks, what I’m really thinking about is cubed steak with gravy.  What about you?  What do you called cubed steak with gravy?  Maybe it is a regional thing? Anyway, I didn’t find any recipe that I really liked so I created my own. We really liked them–I hope you do too!  You will see I have a special guest-star in my photos.  This is one my my nine fantastic grandchildren. I love cooking with them!  Keirsten (in the photos) has been helping me cook since she could first reach the counter standing on a chair.

  1. I mixed together 1 cup of flour with a cap full (2 Tbl) of Tastefully Simple Onion Onion, half of cap full (1 Tbl) of Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic, and half a cap full (1 Tbl) of Tastefully Simple Seasoned Salt.  (Note: if you are using other brand products, you will need considerably more to get the same flavor.)  I dredged the cubed steaks in the flour mix while I was heating some oil in the Instant Pot.  Since I had a whole bunch of steaks, I decided to brown some on the stove in my trusty cast iron as well.  In both cases, I got the pan hot and then added oil to cover the bottom before adding the steaks.wp-1471016255611.jpg
  2. When all the cubed steaks were browned, I turned off the magic pot and piled them all into it.  I added enough of the beef bone broth I made the day before to cover them.  I took about a half cup of that broth out and mixed it into the leftover flour mixture until it was smooth and then added it to the rest of the broth in the pan. I also added 1 Tbl of Worcestershire Sauce. This is another recipe where mushrooms would be a great addition but we are a mushroom-free house, unfortunately. wp-1471016254200.jpg
  3. I set the Instant Pot to 12 minutes.  When it was done, I let the pressure release naturally for about 15 minutes.  They were all done and ready to eat! wp-1471016254194.jpg
  4. Here is my hubby’s plate. (Yes, that isMacaroni and Cheese in the Instant Pot) It got 2 thumbs up all around!  wp-1471016254196.jpg

Carol’s Salisbury Steaks in the Instant Pot

2 pounds cubed steak
1 cup flour
2 Tbl Tastefully Simple Onion Onion
1 Tbl Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic
1 Tbl Tastefully Simple Seasoned Salt
1 Tbl Worcestershire Sauce
8 oz sliced mushrooms (optional)
2-3 Tbl vegetable oil
2-3 cups beef stock or broth

Mix together flour with seasonings. Dredge cubed steaks in flour mixture.  Heat Instant Pot on saute setting until hot.  Add oil to pot and then brown the steaks 2-3 at at time. (If you want to speed up the process, you can brown them in a big skillet.)  Turn pot off. Mix remaining flour mixture with a ½ cup of the broth until smooth.  Combine with remainder of broth.  Pile cubed steaks in pot and pour over the broth. Seal pot and set to 12 minutes on manual high pressure.  When the pressure cycle ends, let pressure release naturally.  

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