Carol goes Crunchy–Yogurt in the Instant Pot

I have a confession–I was skeered of making yogurt.  I kept seeing posts on the Facebook Instant Pot Community that made it seem complicated and touchy.  Maybe it was just beginner’s luck, but I didn’t have any problem at all–it was super simple!  I used This Old Gal’s methods but I improvised some.

  1.  I sterilized my pot by putting 3 cups of water in and setting it on steam for 5 minutes.  I had a half gallon of whole milk and one quart of half and half that needed to be used so I poured those into the pot and chose the YOGURT button and then the ADJUST button until it said BOIL.  And….went back to watching the Olympics.  This took some time–probably close to an hour.  When the pot beeped, I stirred it well and checked the temperature and was pleasantly surprised when it was 180 degrees.  Maybe this is because I didn’t do a full gallon, but based on my reading I was expecting it to take a couple of cycles.wp-1471362750912.jpgwp-1471362750911.jpg
  2. I put the pot into a bigger pot full of cold water and waited for it to cool down to 110 degrees.  I whisked it several times while I was waiting.  This took something like half an hour.  I pulled out a measuring cup partly full of the hot milk and mixed in 2 Tbl of some Greek yogurt I had on hand.  (I did not go buy any kind of special yogurt for this.  I used what I keep on hand to add to my doxie pack’s food.)  I also stirred in about 1 Tbl of real vanilla and a third a cup of sugar just for kicks and giggles.wp-1471365468572.jpgwp-1471360159578.jpgwp-1471360160014.jpg
  3. Put the pot back into the Instant Pot and put a glass lid on it which I got here: Instant Pot glass lid and hit the Yogurt button again.  This time it went to 10:00 which sounded like a great night’s sleep to me!  Off to bed I went.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE not having to babysit this magic pot?wp-1471360160155.jpgwp-1471360160113.jpg
  4. GOOD MORNING, YOGURT!  I came in to open  the lid and there was this pot full of thick, creamy, yogurty goodness!  Popped the inner pot into the fridge to cool while I headed to church.wp-1471360160722.jpg
  5.  I’m a big believer in using what you have on hand so I took my big stock pot that has a steamer basket that fits in the top and lined it with coffee filters and poured/scooped the yogurt into it.  Back in the fridge it went while I took a nap.  You might ask why I would need a nap after having 10 hours available to sleep.  Very good question!  The answer is related to a certain small dog who felt the need to protect us from the heavy rain sounding on the roof all night by barking at it.  Side note–did you know the only difference between regular yogurt and “Greek” yogurt is how much you strain it?  Yeah, I didn’t know that either but now we both do!
  6. After a nap and a date to the movies with the hubby, came home to perfect Greek-style yogurt.  It was a little tart for my taste, so I stirred in a spoonful of Tastefully Simple Rhubarb Strawberry Spread and managed to keep myself from eating the rest of the jar of it while I had the spoon in my hand.  LOVE that stuff!  Anyway, it made the yogurt absolutely PERFECT for me!   Looking forward to having this for breakfast every day!  I will save a few tablespoons of it to use as starter for the next batch. I’m not going to type up a recipe here since I improvised some steps–you are better off referring to This Old Gal’s recipe


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