Savory Pulled Pork in the Instant Pot

This started out to be a recipe for pork barbecue but ended when I got to the pulled pork because it was SO good!  And so very simple!

  1. Here are the players.  This is an almost 7 pound boneless pork shoulder.  All I did here was open it and put it whole in the Instant Pot.  Now, let me pause here and tell you, this is one of those do-what-I-say-and-not-what-I-do moments!  It would have been a better plan to chop this into pieces.  But, I wasn’t under any time constraints and I’m crazy-curious about how this stuff works, so I left it whole.  Again–I strongly advice you to cut it into chunks!wp-1473346430459.jpgwp-1473346430405.jpg
  2. I added a bottle of alcoholic root beer along with 4 Tbl of Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic and Tastefully Simple Onion Onion (2 caps full of each.)  wp-1473346430425.jpg
  3. I set the magic pot to MANUAL and then used the +/- buttons to change the time to 90 minutes.wp-1473346430172.jpg
  4. When the pressure cycle had ended, I allowed the pressure to release naturally before I opened the pot to see what I had.  What I had was perfectly ready to shred pork except for an inner core which was cooked but not shred-ready.  Again, should have cut into a few chunks.wp-1473346430169.jpg
  5. I put the lid back on, hit CANCEL and MANUAL and used the +/- buttons to select 15 minutes more pressure time.  Since everything was already good and hot, it didn’t take long to come back to pressure.
  6. When the 2nd pressure cycle ended and I allowed the pressure to release, I checked again and it was pretty close to done.  I, however, was TOTALLY done!  So, I decided to finish this little project using the SLOW COOK feature.  I hit CANCEL and SLOW COOK and then ADJUST to get to the medium of the temperatures.  Then I changed the time to 2 hours and went to bed.  I knew it would switch to KEEP WARM when the slow cook was done.  Sorry–I totally failed on pictures on this step.  It was late and I was really tired!
  7. I woke up to perfectly shredable pork.  My plan had been to add barbecue sauce to it but my son took one bite of it and told me to leave it alone!  It was fantastic just as it was!   I served it with the bottle of sauce on the side each time (there was a lot of it!) but no one ever used the sauce–it was that good without it.  wp-1473346430210.jpg

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