Hard “boiled” eggs in the Instant Pot

The first thing I made in my magic pot was hard cooked eggs.  My husband pronounced the Instant Pot worth the price after he realized this would mean much more frequent hard boiled eggs for him!  We buy eggs fresh from the chickens from our neighbors and they are just SUPER hard to peel no matter what method I have used to hard boiled eggs.  NO LONGER!!  This magic pot makes peeling them SUPER easy!  Here is how I do it.  (Note:  there are a whole lot of variations on this method floating around.  Some use the STEAM setting, some use low pressure, some use 4 minutes of pressure with 4 minutes of natural release. Just try a few and see which one makes eggs that suit YOUR family!)

  1.  I put 1 cup of water in the bottom of the inner pot.
  2. I placed my eggs straight from the farm and the fridge on the trivet.wp-1474754511852.jpg
  3. I pushed MANUAL and then used the +/- buttons to change the time to 5 minutes.wp-1474754511859.jpg
  4. When the pressure cycle was done, I allowed the pressure to release naturally for 5 minutes and then moved the vent to VENTING to allow the pressure out.  When the pin dropped, I opened the lid.wp-image-683257601jpg.jpg
  5. I dumped the eggs into an ice bath and let them cool for at least 5 minutes.wp-1474907534193.jpg
  6. Peeling is SUPER easy!  See?wp-1474754512109.jpg
  7. All done! No torn up whites, no green around the yolk.  Perfect!wp-1474755118029.jpgwp-1474755118036.jpg

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