Tastefully Simple Creamy Shrimp and Crab Risotto

One of my favorite ways to cook in my Instant Pot is making meals ahead of time and freezing them and just popping them into my magic pot frozen.  I recently videoed the prep for all 10 of our One Pot Meal Collection.  Eight of those I froze in freezer bags inside an appropriate size bowl so I could just pop it from the freezer right into the pot.  It worked great!  I thought I would share with you the prep for the Creamy Shrimp and Crab Risotto.  It turned out beautifully in a fraction of the time it would have taken in the oven.

Here is a link to the recipe with freezer meal prep instructions:  Creamy Crab and Shrimp Risotto

  1.  Here is what the ingredients looked like straight from the freezer after I opened the bag.  wp-1480644838454.jpg
  2. I selected the SAUTE button on my pot and waited until it said HOT.  Then I added a coating of Roasted Garlic Infused Oil.  After I allowed it to heat up for a few seconds, I poured in the rice mixture and let it brown for a few minutes, stirring occasionally.
  3. When the rice started to brown, I selected CANCEL and added my chicken broth to the rice.  You will notice it was still partially frozen.  I make chicken stock/bone broth in my Instant Pot and freeze it in 3 cup batches.  wp-1480644838459.jpg
  4. I gave it a good stir and then selected MANUAL and used the +/- keys to change the time to 6 minutes. I made sure my valve was set to SEALED. While it was cooking, I mixed together the Creamy Crab Cheeseball Mix and the half and half in a bowl.img_20161201_181133
  5. When the pressure cycle was over, I carefully moved the valve to VENTING and allowed the pressure to release until the pin dropped. I pressed CANCEL.
  6. I opened the lid and stirred the rice and liquid well and dumped in the frozen seafood and the half and half mix and stirred it all together well.  wp-1480644839699.jpg
  7. I selected SAUTE and allowed the mixture to cook until the shrimp was pink–about 5 minutes–stirring frequently.wp-1480644838450.jpg
  8. Served with some cranberry salad and veggie stir-fry.  FABULOUS!wp-1480644839662.jpg


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