Corned beef, cabbage and veggies in the Instant Pot

Our New Year tradition is to eat corned beef, cabbage and potatoes.  I’ve always put the corned beef in the slow cooker early in the day and let it cook until evening but this is a new year and time for a new tradition.  Corned beef cooked in much less time in the Instant Pot!  Couldn’t be simpler!  Today I was cooking for 5 adults and 6 kids and I wanted leftovers for Ruebens the next day, so I went with a big brisket and ended up using both of my magic pots to get enough vegetables made.  All of this would work perfectly fine in one pot with smaller quantities.


  1. I had a 4.75 pound corned beef brisket.  I rinsed it off and put in in the Instant Pot and sprinkled the spice pack over it. wp-1483372460437.jpg
  2. I added a chopped onion and a half cup of chopped celery.  I covered the beef with water then pressed MANUAL and used the +/- buttons to increase the time to 110 minutes.  wp-1483372460474.jpgwp-1483372460890.jpgwp-1483372460683.jpg
  3. When the pressure cycle was over, I let the pressure release and then opened the pot and put in a cabbage cut into quarters.  If I weren’t feeding such a big crowd, I would have removed the beef and put the potatoes and carrots and then the cabbage in the same pot.  Since I was cooking for a crowd, I put the potatoes and carrots in my other magic pot along with a cup of water.  I selected MANUAL and used the +/- buttons to set it to a 7 minute cycle.  On the corned beef and cabbage pot, I chose MANUAL and used the – button to set the time to 3 minutes.  wp-1483372460800.jpg
  4. When the pressure cycle was done on both machines I changed the valve to venting.

That’s it!  Corned beef, cabbage, potoes and carrots to feed a crowd!wp-1483372460087.jpg

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