Smothered Pork Chops in the Instant Pot

Let’s talk pork chops!  How do you like them?  I like thick cut boneless and those are HARD to find.  So what I generally do is buy a pork loin when they are on sale and cut my own.  That’s what I did this time.  I cut half into chops and left the other half to cook as a roast.  wp-1484958101976.jpg

One of my FAVORITE Tastefully Simple spice blends is Ultimate Steak Seasoning!  It is FANTASTIC on steak and chops.  It is in my top 5 favorite products.  wp-1484958102868.jpg

I selected SAUTE on the Instant Pot and then ADJUST until it was on the hottest setting.  I allowed it to heat up while I was cutting the chops.  I sprinkled the Ultimate Steak Seasoning on both sides of the chops and patted the spices into the meat. wp-1484958103116.jpg

When the magic pot said, “HOT,”  I poured in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and gave it a few minutes to get shimmery.  That’s a word, right?  Then I added the chops, 3 at a time and browned them on each side.

When the chops were browned, I added a sliced onion to the pot along with a half cup of chicken broth.  I scraped all the yummy brown bits from the bottom.  When the onions were softened, I added a little more chicken broth and put the chops back in the pan on top of the onions.

I chose the MANUAL button and used the +/- button to change the time to 4 minutes.  When the pressure cycle was over I allowed the pressure to release naturally.  I removed the chops from the pan and took out a few tablespoons of the broth and mixed it with 2 tablespoons of corn starch then added it all back to the pot.  I selected CANCEL and then SAUTE and allowed it to cook a few minutes to thicken.

I was making Macaroni and Cheese in my 2nd pot which also takes a 4 minute cycle–don’t they make a cute couple?!wp-1484958103092.jpg

Supper is served!  I went light on the gravy and forgot to take a picture of some of the more “smothered” chops until it was too late!

Smothered Pork Chops in the Instant Pot

6  1″ boneless pork chops
1  Tbl Tastefully Simple Ultimate Steak Seasoning
2  Tbl olive oil
1  white onion, sliced
1  cup chicken broth
2  Tbl corn starch

Select SAUTE on the Instant Pot and then ADJUST until it is on the hottest setting.  Allow it to heat up until it says HOT on the display. Sprinkle the Ultimate Steak Seasoning on both sides of the chops and pat the spices into the meat. When the pot says HOT, pour 2 Tbl of olive oil into the pan and allow it to heat.  Brown the chops on both sides until lightly brown.  Remove chops from the pan and pour in enough of the chicken broth to deglaze the pan.  Add onions and stir until they are tender.  Pour remaining broth into the pot and add the chops back.  Select MANUAL and use the +/- buttons to change time to 4 minutes.  When pressure cycle is complete, allow pressure to release.  Remove chops from pan.  Take 2 Tbl of the broth from the pot and stir in the corn starch.  Add mixture to the pot.  Select CANCEL and then SAUTE.  Stir the broth until it is bubbly and starts to thicken.  Serve gravy and onions on the chops.


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