Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breasts

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Bacon. Chicken. Olives. Artichokes. Sun-dried tomatoes.  These are a few of my favorite things!  How could putting them all together be a bad thing?  I had originally planned to do this in my magic pot but once you see the pictures, you will understand why I couldn’t.

I get my chicken and bacon from Zaycon.  That link is a referral code.  If you use it to order from them, I will get $5 on my next order.  I absolutely LOVE their bacon!  Just thinking about it makes me want a BLT!

I pulled out some chicken breasts and trimmed them and cut them into individual breasts.  Then I put them in a plastic bag and beat them with a rolling pin until they were thinner and even thickness.  I set those aside and got to work on the filling.


I chopped up a jar of sun-dried tomatoes, a jar of artichoke hearts and a half cup of black olives.  I mixed those together with a tablespoon of Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic and two teaspoons of Tastefully Simple Garlic Pepper.

hmmm…..there should be a picture here….fail!


I spread–okay maybe piled is a better word–the mixture onto the flattened breasts.  Then I folded them over and wrapped them with bacon.  This is where I realized these babies weren’t going to fit in my magic pot!  I placed them on a wire rack over a pan and slid them into the oven.  400 degrees for half an hour and YUMMO!



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