July 2–Day at Sea

I should introduce all of our traveling party. This trip was to commemorate our upcoming 25th wedding anniversary. My parents’ 60th is also this winter and my sister and her husband’s 34th is coming up in a few months. What great reasons to celebrate! My parents are Chuck and Letha Kimball, My sister Janet Douglas and her husband Ken and daughter Shelly joined us as well as my husband Larry and our son Casey. As you will see in the pictures, 8 people and a power scooter are pretty much capacity on an elevator! We quickly got it down to a science and everyone learned to assume their various positions as we got onboard each time.

We spent Monday, July 2 at sea.  I should start with our dinner the night before–our first night on the boat.  Part of our package included dinner at two of the up-priced restaurants on board.  The first night we ate at Canaletto–the Italian restaurant on the Lido deck of the Noordam.  Outstanding food and service!

On Monday, Casey and I took a class called Mixeology with Fritz, the bartender.  We were amazed to hear from him that there were only 14 bartenders on Noordam.  Hard to believe considering how many bars there are on board!  This was a fun class!  That is Fritz in the background of one of the drinks we made.

We ate a lovely lunch in the dining room as well.  The highlight, though, shows the seriousness that Casey took helping his grandparents on this trip.  Just look at this focus while he brings Dad’s scooter back to the table!

Here are a few pictures from around the ship–it truly is a lovely vessel!  It was a really nice size.  It was big enough to have a lot of amenities, but not so big that it was hard to get from one end to another.  We spent a lot of time in the Crow’s Nest for the views and to play trivia.  The fresh flowers were EVERYWHERE and just absolutely beautiful.  Not only fresh-cut but there were hundreds of live orchids in bloom–one on every table on the Lido deck.  It was just amazing.  I spoke to a person who took a flower-arranging class who said one guy did all of the flowers on board.  They were everywhere you looked!  Flowers, food, family…..


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