Juneau, July 4

Oh, Juneau! So full of whales and eagles and wonderful people! What a magical city! We sailed into port on our nation’s holiday to a town full of celebration. They had their fireworks at 12:01 am before we hit port. I asked someone if it was dark enough and they said it was kind of dusk but that’s about as dark as it gets this time of year. Larry and Casey and I got on board the tram and rode it up the side of Mt. Roberts first thing. It was a truly glorious day! Casey and I hiked up from the top of the tram as much as my gimpy legs would allow us. Such wonderful views everywhere. Eagles are as common as sparrows in these coastal salmon towns. There were some harbor seals playing in the water between our ship and the shore. Mom enjoyed sitting on her balcony watching them. We really wanted to visit the Mendanhall Glacier but the streets were closed down for the 4th of July parade and our all aboard was mid-afternoon so unfortunately we couldn’t. Definitely going back for that!

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After the tram ride we took a jet boat out to where there were whales. It is difficult to photograph whales but we saw several Humpbacks as well as several Orcas. The Orcas were REALLY close to the coast line. It was so much fun watching for their spouts and then seeing them bob to the surface. They would do this 2-3 times before they would dive deep. That is where they sometimes flip their tails. The locals know some of the Humpbacks by the pattern on the underside of their tails. The Orcas were just passing through.

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A beautiful day in port was followed by more wonderful food! This evening we ate at another of the up-priced restaurants included in our package. This time was Pinnacle Grill. Such great food and service again!

Leaving Juneau, this is about as dark as it got!

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