Skagway, AK, July 5

Skagway was the day of my big failure!  We took a ferry to Haines and then took a jet boat back into the wilderness on a glacier river.  It was a great day and I took a bunch of pictures, including one of the only black bear I got in my viewfinder the whole trip and some really close-up bald eagle pictures.  I probably took 200-300 pictures on my camera but we shall never know because I didn’t put the blasted SD card in the thing!  At least I had taken some photos on my phone so I have a few to share and one video.  Skagway was the least appealing port, in my view.  The actual dock was away from the town a bit and there were buses and trains there to carry tourists to town and on excursions. There was one interesting thing about the dock area.  The dock faced a large stone wall that had all sorts of advertisements painted on it WAY up in the air.  We spent a lot of time speculating how they all got there.  The lift they had on the dock to help with window-washing didn’t reach high enough for many of them.

We had a very early port call and wake up in order to get to our excursion in Haines.  I decided to take advantage of free room service that morning.  The salmon omelet was yummy.  (Have I mentioned I ate a LOT of salmon on this trip!)  You can see some of the advertisements from my balcony view.  We had two other cruise ships in port with us here including our first sighting of this Disney ship.

We took a high speed ferry from Skagway to Haines to get aboard our jet boat for the day.  The ramp down to the jet boat was REALLY steep so Casey had to anchor Dad on the way down the ramp and he and Ken had to push it back up.  That trip down was scary, Casey said!

Have you noticed the color of the river here and in other places?  That is what glacier river water looks like.  It is FULL of silt from where the glacier ice pushes rocks, dirt and anything else in its way.  The melts from the glaciers are very easy to spot because of this color.  There are no fish in the glacier rivers.  There is too much silt for the fish to survive.  Here you can see what it looks like when a mountain clear-water stream empties into a glacier river.


There were many waterfalls coming down the mountains we passed from the snow melt.  They were very impressive.  I’m sure if we had been up close to one, it would have been absolutely deafening.

The town of Skagway–the whole thing.

We left Skagway and headed north and the sunset was beautiful.  Again, this is about as dark as it got all night.  It got a bit chilly that night too!  Thankfully there were lots of blankets around on the decks for folks who wanted to be outside.  We got one more view of the Disney ship as they pulled over for us to pass them.  We were one of the two ships on the schedule to go into Glacier Bay the next day so I suppose they let us go by them for that reason.



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