At Sea, July 7

We had an at-sea day after our day touring Glacier Bay.  We were able to do some of the fun stuff on the ship including bingo, listening to the jazz band in the B.B. King Lounge, spending our vouchers at the casino (guess who won at bingo AND a slot machine?) and this was the only day we were able to go to the tea service.  We also played music trivia back in the Crow’s Nest.  The Assistant Cruise Director ran this and it was a ton of fun watching him bee-bop around.  He led us all in the YMCA at the end.  So much fun–even if we didn’t ever win!  And of course, played some more euchre–LOTS of euchre during our trip.  Casey carries a deck of cards around in his pocket all the time and any time there was a lull in the action, he was dealing the cards.



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