The long road home, July 12

Eventually all good things come to an end.  We had to leave Fairbanks and head back home.  The trip home was brutal, traveling over night with two changes of planes and the four hour time difference.  My advice to anyone who is planning to take this sort of a trip is to go north to south rather than south to north as we did.  It is a LONG WAY from Fairbanks to Indiana–twice as far, basically, as it is from Indiana to Vancouver as crazy as that seems.  The recovery was pretty brutal but we have absolutely no regrets.  It was an amazing trip.  One positive thing about flying from Fairbanks to Seattle for our first leg was getting wonderful views of these huge mountains as well as the beautiful city of Seattle and Mount Rainier which will be the last pictures I share from the trip.  We did have one more unexpected Mary sighting at the airport–she was heading to the Yukon and we didn’t realize they would be heading out at the same time we were.  Goodbye, Alaska, I sure hope we get back to see you soon!



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