Baked beans in the Instant Pot

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I can’t believe it has been two years since I totally failed when attempting to make baked beans in the magic pot!  Time really does fly!  If you want to read about this epic fail, have a look at this post.  Baked beans are one of those things I really like better homemade, but seldom make because they are just too much fuss and time.  So when an invitation to a family reunion showed up in my inbox, I decided to give it another shot now that I have a better handle on how the Instant Pot works.

My beans of choice for baked beans are navy beans.  I bought a 2 pound bag for about $2 which will make a large pot to share–about capacity for the 6 quart pot.

Step one was to cook the beans.  I rinsed and sorted through the beans to check for stones and bad beans.  IMG_20180922_122856

I dumped them in the pot and added 16 cups of water (makes for a pretty full pot!)  I covered and sealed the lid and selected BEAN/CHILI for 25 minutes.


It takes a while to come to pressure with this much water so I moved on with my life and came back later.  When the cycle had ended, I let the pressure release–BE CAREFUL with this step.  With this much liquid, the valve will spew if you let the pressure release manually.  You can just let it release on its own if you aren’t in a hurry.  When I could open the pot, I dumped the beans into a colander and rinsed them.


I returned the inner pot to the Instant Pot and chose SAUTE and used the ADJUST button to choose the medium heat setting.  While the beans had been cooking, I chopped up the package of salt pork.  This was the first time I used salt pork instead of bacon and I did like the results.  Bacon would work just fine too, however.  Now I waited until the pot was hot and then added the chopped up salt pork to the pot and stirred it every few minutes while it fried.  I love frying things in the magic pot because the grease stays contained instead of getting everywhere.

I had also chopped 2 onions while the beans were cooking.  I added the onions to the salt pork when it was mostly cooked and allowed the 2 to cook for a few minutes more until the onions were translucent.

Now I started adding all of the yummy stuff and I did remember to measure, but not to take pictures until I had everything dumped in with the salt pork and onions.  I added one cup of Tastefully Simple Bayou Bourbon (any sweet barbecue sauce would work), one and a half cup of molasses, one cup of ketchup, one third cup of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons of brown mustard, and two teaspoons of liquid smoke and mixed it all together.


Then I dumped the beans back in the pot and stirred it all together.


The final step was to reseal the lid to the magic pot, choose CANCEL and then MANUAL and used the +/- buttons to change the time to 10 minutes.


When the cycle ended, I let the pressure release manually and stirred it all together.  I was so very pleased in how the flavors all came together!

Baked Beans in the Instant Pot

2 pounds dry navy beans
16 cups water
12 oz of salt pork or bacon, chopped
2 onions, chopped
1 cup of Tastefully Simple Bayou Bourbon or any sweet barbecue sauce
1 cup ketchup
1 1/2 cups of molasses
1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar
2 Tbl of brown mustard
2 tea of liquid smoke
1 cup of water

Rinse and sort out any bad beans or debris. Add beans and 16 cups of water to the inner pot. Be certain lid and valve are sealed. Select BEAN/CHILI and be certain time is 25 minutes and leave the pot to cook. When the cycle ends, select CANCEL and let pressure release (if you do this manually, be very careful of spewing water.) When you can open the lid, empty beans into a colander and rinse beans then set aside. Return inner pot to Instant Pot and select SAUTE, using ADJUST to change to medium heat. When the screen says HOT, added chopped salt pork or bacon and stir occasionally until it is mostly cooked. (Be sure to scrap the bottom of the pot to get off any stuck bits or the safety features will keep the pot from coming to pressure later.) Add chopped onions and continue stirring occasionally until onions are translucent. Select CANCEL and drain off the grease.  Add remaining ingredients to the pot and stir well. Return beans to the pot and stir until they are totally coated. Reseal lid and valve. Select MANUAL and use +/- buttons to change time to 10 minutes. When cycle is over, stir beans well. If the sauce is too thin, select CANCEL and then SLOW COOK and use ADJUST to choose the middle heat. Stir occasionally while sauce thickens.  If you are making ahead, don’t bother to cook down, just refrigerate overnight.  Beans will absorb moisture and they will be thicker the next day.  Serve hot or cold.

Note: This makes a full pot of baked beans. If you don’t want this much, you can easily halve the ingredients. The cook times above will remain the same, but it will take less time to come to pressure.

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