Recommended Accessories

So many friends and family received Instant Pots for Christmas this year and have asked me what I recommend in the way of accessories. Of course, there are all KINDS of different things you can buy and use but I have found there are a few basics that I use all the time.

The first thing I use A LOT is a steel mixing bowl that fits nicely into the inner pot and has room around it for the steam to circulate. I use it for making pot-in-pot dishes like rice. I had a hard time getting rice right until I tried the pot-in-pot and now it is perfect every time. I have an OLD set of Revere stainless steel bowls that have two that fit nicely into my magic pot. I haven’t been able to find them in the marketplace now, but this set from Amazon is the right size to work well.

If you have an Instant Pot, you have to make cheesecake! You can use a push pan or a springform pan, depending on your preference. I like the springform and this is the one I use on a regular basis.  By the way, you can also make things like lasagna in a pan like this one if you are a weirdo like my husband who doesn’t like cheesecake!

If you want to keep cheesecake cleanup to a minimum, invest in package of these wonderful parchment rounds to line your pan. You can slide your cheesecake right off of the base after it cools.

The next must-have is a good steamer basket. You will use this for all kinds of different things from vegetables to hard-cooked eggs.

That’s it for the “essentials” but there are a couple of other things I use fairly often.  I use this bundt pan for everything from cornbread to meatloaf and it works great!

These little cuties are handy for all kinds of things in the Instant Pot and the oven! They are the perfect size to make mini-omelets in the magic pot among other things.

Remember that anything that is oven-safe is IP safe.  So if you have some oven-grade Pyrex glass bowls (not storage grade) or steel bowls or pans in your cupboard that fit–give them a try!  I found a set of adorable pyrex ovenware mini-casseroles with glass lids at an antique shop that work great and look great on the table.

Hope that helps.  As always, let me know if you have any questions or problems–I’m happy to help!

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